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6. etapa


New neighbourhood with a great atmosphere

Only 3 km from the city centre

wonderful views

Close to a forest

Gated outdoor space 0,65 ha

Community life

Landscaping and irrigation system

Monitoring of common areas

chip card entry

Video intercom system

Secure entrance door

Bus stop

PANORAMA 6 is special

Rainwater gardens

Rainwater is captured in rainwater gardens and slowly flows away to underground wells


We have developed in cooperation with ANTIK a pilot project within Košice of households equipped with new SMART technologies. In Panorama 6, you may enjoy future technologies today.

Smart components

We will provide you with Antik's complete offer of a TV set-top box, use of individual Smart components, and the Smart Home application that will allow you to control your home from your smartphone or tablet.

Set-top box

The TV set-top box with smart applications, TV archive and UHD/4K resolution on your TV will become the brain of your home

Flood detector

wireless sensor designed to protect indoor/outdoor spaces from water leakage in the space monitored. Any unwanted event will be reported through notification in a mobile application. Protects your home from damage

Wifi CCTV with motion detection

a CCTV camera with an inbuilt microphone and speaker. Through connection to WiFi thanks to the ANTIKCAM+ application, it allows to monitor the space in front of the camera. If motion is detected, the application will send you a notification and start recording. The alarm installed is triggered by motion. The CCTV is an ideal choice to monitor a room, apartment, house, children, elders

Meteorological station

measures the temperature and wind direction and speed. It comes with an air humidity and pressure sensor. The station gives a UV alert if the UV radiation rises. All data measured are collected in a mobile application

Automatic gate opening system

license plate scanner CCTV in common areas

 All Antik Smart Home devices can be controlled in the customer zone on www.moj.antik.sk or by way of the mobile Antik SmartHome® application



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